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Better Best Network & Better Wealth Seminar

Our seminars provide education for those who want to break limiting money beliefs, learn inventive ways to grow assets, maximize investments, and create multiple streams of income to ensure future financial freedom.

Better Wealth Seminar
In our seminar, we combine the foundational knowledge of external wealth building tactics with the inner work of breaking limiting beliefs that hold us back from true wealth. We provide you the education with the intention to up level your life to better and elevate you to living the best life you can live. We believe a life building wealth leads to true fulfillment, empowerment and happiness and that’s what we want for you too.

Definitely the wealth principles you learn in class will carry with you your entire life. One weekend can change how you truly live and view money. Better Best Network is a benchmark, a milestone and the knowledge gained from this class will keep paying you dividends again and again, like money itself. ~Tom


Gain an expansive mindset that will help you see possible what you have never consciously considered before and learn the tactical action steps that’ll create your wealth reality! You’ll also learn how to think, manage, invest, lead and protect your money just like the wealthy do.

Think like the wealthy!

  • Break the chains of limiting beliefs that are restricting your life
  • Understand how your relationship with money is impacting your financial future
  • Get a clear understanding of how wealth building becomes attainable with real life examples from wealthy people

Manage money like the wealthy!

  • Understand the precise actions you need to take to grow your money
  • Learn the wealthy’s fundamental strategies for creating money that most people aren’t accustomed to
  • Understand innovative tax strategies that’ll contribute to you keeping more money for investing
  • Learn resourceful ways to cut your expenses without feeling limitation

Invest like the wealthy!

  • Learn how to think like an investor instead of a saver
  • Learn inventive ways to create assets
  • Discover step by step plans to build multiple streams of income
  • Learn easy strategies on how to make your money work for you

Lead like the wealthy!

  • You don’t need to be the expert you just need to be educated
  • Learn how to build a wealth team working in your best interest (investment advisors, estate, financial, tax, legal advisors)

Protect like the wealthy!

  • Learn how to form a trust and prepare/secure your finances with an end goal in mind

Wealth symbolizes way more than exclusively the material world. It symbolizes, a internal and external value and freedom for yourself. It represents living the best life you can live.


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Better Best Network’s
Better Wealth Seminar

Wealth building requires both a desire to build assets and a desire to feel worthy of those assets.

Better Wealth
Better Wealth

Renee Cermak and Fred Auzenne, expert personal development trainers, coaches and multi-millionaire investors have combined their wealth building techniques that everyone is dying to know, with their proven personal development, and personal growth process. You must have both, and through Better Best Network’s seminars, you’ll gain the tools and training that if implemented will contribute to you becoming wealthy, staying wealthy and transforming you to living the best life you can live.

“I wish I had this class 15 years ago. It would have saved me untold amounts of money.”
Mark S.
“This is hands down the most valuable 2 days I have ever invested in. Thank you!”
Kristen M.
“The tools were invaluable. The class will be paid for exponentially by putting even one concept into practice.”
Tom S.
“This was in the top 5 experiences of my life to date in terms of value, growth and benefit. I will never be able to be who I was financially before I walked into this class. I am forever changed for the better!”
Nicole T.
“This class was not only educations; it provided a much needed respite from all the negativity about money out there in the world! I feel empowered!”
“The class has left me feeling excited and thrilled about my future. I have been inspired about my future!”
Dean L.
“If you are reading this, then you are ready. Hiding from your truth is pure silliness. Stop it. The next step is to sign up and then attend. Where is that “stuff” they should have taught about money, real money? Here!”
Natalie S.
“I recommend this seminar to all, regardless of income or wealth. Of course, I especially recommend beginners to the course. Excellent class to start for W-2 looking to venture out.”
“Just more evidence that wealth building requires constant review of topics I’ve heard before, because I’m in a new level of wealth building.”
“This was a great starting seminar. It showed me the possibilities and pointed me in the direction to find out more. Definitely useful in peaking interest.”
“Because of this class, I feel more knowledgeable and confident about my money, my future, and my choices. I see light at the end of the tunnel. I have hope and excitement about what I can do now to create the future I want.”
Jennifer S.
“I gained so many new tools that I can begin to implement today toward building wealth. I have no doubt that my net worth will be much higher a year from now and will continue to grow – thanks largely to this class. Thank you!”
“Clarity is power and this course provides a definite starting “Point A,” and what is needed to get to “Point B.” The relationship with wealth and money are essential to growth, which is why this is invaluable.”
“This class allowed me to see my “Point A.” I had never calculated my net worth before. It made me more aware and gave me a game plan to start saving and planning for my future. Very valuable!! Thank you!!”
“Until this seminar I was kind of overwhelmed about my financial situation. This course has revealed to me what I have to do in order to succeed in my financial and life ventures. Thank you.”

You have a choice to learn how to set up a prosperous financial future now by positioning your money to work for you. In our program you’ll:

Better Wealth
  • Discover how to set up your future now so you can attain your wealth goal and not worry about financial security later
  • Understand that the process of wealth building isn’t hard and work that process until it happens
  • Get access to other wealth builders and uplevel your network because you become who you spend time with
  • Become the wealth builder and person you’ve always wanted to become

Better Wealth Seminar March 16th – 18th, 2018 Scottsdale, AZ

Venue 8600
8600 East Anderson Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

March 16th – 18th, 2018
Friday 6pm-9pm
Saturday 9am-7pm
Sunday 9am-7pm

$100 Discount for PSI Grads!
Coupon Code: PSI